Dinamarca 2018 – Primeiros Dias

Oie, amanhã faz uma semana que eu cheguei a Dinamarca, já vinha falando pra vocês a algum tempinho que faria essa viagem, e resolvi registrar um pouquinho de como foi a minha reação ao frio, e gente, é frio MESMO!

Contei bem rapidinho nesse vídeo, um pouquinho das minha impressões do frio, falei também um pouquinho sobre a política e sobre a imigração no país, o vídeo tá bem legal e será o primeiro dessa viagem, que vai contar com bastante posts legais, resenhas de produtos bacanérrimos que eu já estou garimpando por aqui, e muito mais.

Obrigada pelo carinho e companhia de sempre, espero que vocês tenham gostado, me contem aqui nos comentários, quais são as impressões de vocês sobre o país, se ficaram muito curiosos, vou mostrando pra vocês aos pouquinhos esse país que é um verdadeiro sonho, e riquíssimo culturalmente.

Um super beijo e até mais!


Copenhagen – Denmark

Hi people!

I’m very excited to make this post, which is about the Country of my beloved! Yes we will talk about this beautiful land, full of sensational things to see, and to do, cooking, and more, then curious? Want to stamp your passport today to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark? So just keep reading!


Copenhagen – Denmark

The capital was built during the 11th century, but was only documented as Copenhagen (port of the merchant) during the fifteenth century under the reign of King Christian IV, for centuries was the largest port city in northern Europe.

It is the largest city in Denmark, has an urban population of 1,213,822 inhabitants and a metropolitan population of 1,935, 746 (data from 2012), the city is located in the islands of Zeeland and Amager, this location was decisive for the defenses of the Country Against the attacks of Sweden.


July 2015


Danish cuisine is very rich and very different from Brazilian, while Brazilian dishes are based on rice and beans in Denmark. The base is made with potatoes and pork, but perhaps one of the most famous and traditional dishes here is the smørrebrød, it can be defined as an open and cold sandwich, has a slice of rugbrød (dark bread) and is covered with different types of filling, ranging from salads, chicken, tuna, salmon, liver pate, roast beef, pork and many others.

In Copenhagen you can find everything, there are restaurants scattered around the city from all countries of the world, but if you do not want to look so much, I indicate out one of the coolest places in the city, Copenhagen Street Food is a market where you can find food Typical of various parts of the globe in one place, has a beautiful structure and a amazing view.

It is a very famous place, so there will be lines (sometimes longs), it is possible to find Italian food until a Brazilian mini steakhouse, well the prices, they vary between 100,00 dkk, which is equivalent to U$ 14.29 in average for a meal (Prices may vary from restaurant to restaurant).


Copenhagen is a capital of full of pluralities, this is most evident when we observe the amount of cultural movements that are part of the routine of the city, architecture is a meeting between the past and future, and  complete itself perfectly, there are daily activities for indoor and outside during the summer (the time I was there for the first time). There you will find the most varied types of program from visits to castles and museums, aquarium visits, outdoor cinema shows, food fair, musical events, visit to an alternative community, urban parks, amusement park, meet the Statue of the Little Mermaid, visit one of the biggest breweries in the world, stroll along the canals and guided tours, there is a lot to see and do in this beautiful and plural city.

A visit that I indicate to anyone who has no problems with height is climbing in the tower of the Church Vor Frelsers Kirke (Church of Our Savior).

This incredible church was built in 1660, has an odd architecture, it has many attractions, such as an altar full of allegorical elements and an immense organ that can be heard during the celebration of Masses. But the great attraction here already begins with the rise of many, many, many steps, which are an adventure apart, with many ups and downs, narrow places (that would leave any claustrophobic going bad). After climbing the ladder we came across a door that leads to the outside of the tower, we climbed a ramp (with a guardrail which in my opinion is very low) we continue to climb, climb, climb, until you have the real Notion that is more than 90m high from the ground, looks scary, but the view … the view is worthwhile, from there you have a virtually whole view of the city and looks, it is breathtaking (literally) .

Whether you are curious to go and meet in person, you need to stay connected in four things, the first is a paid tour, at the time the value was 40.00 dkk something around $U 5.72, another thing that should be taken in consideration are the visiting days, for being a well-sought out tour the queues are immense, another factor is the weather, the organization closes the tower on days when the wind is stronger, the last factor is that the visit to the tower is a this viist that can pose health risks (people who are more sensitive, with some phobia or heart) may feel bad.

A GOLD tip, many of the programs are paid, and the values are a little expensive, but during the summer there is a lot to do outside of the enclosed spaces, so there is always a lot of life in the gardens of the castles, in the squares, the Glyptoteket Museum during (Tuesdays or Wednesdays admission is free).

Copenhagen is an extremely active city, and there will be plenty of activities to do.


Copenhagen has many hotels and hostels, ranging from expensive to very expensive, (joking), I always read that the best option (especially if you’re going with a small money) are the hostels, so it’s worth researching a lot .


Have I already said that Copenhagen (actually the whole of Denmark) is very expensive? No? So I’m going to talk the country is incredible and has an economy of envy to many others, has a structure that would leave anybody’s jaw dropped, there public transport, education, health, safety are paramount, and this is reflected in the taxation of products and services.You’ll obsverve this very clear, in the prices of the food, transportation and basic services.

So you guys enjoyed to know a little bit about Copenhagen?

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Kisses and see you later!