Hair Porosity

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I have seen a lot of doubts about this subject and I decided to talk a little bit about Capillary Porosity, and it can be between low, medium and high porosity, to better understand what that term means, it is necessary to understand that hair strands are formed by cuticles , or scales and they are divided into: closed, open and very open.

But what does porosity actually influence?

Well this answer is very simple every cuticle chain is modulated in a way and this determines the level of hair porosity (low, medium and high). This modulation has the ability to inform if the hair is able to receive deep treatment such as: hydration, nutrition and reconstruction.

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Characteristics of each type of porosity

Low porosity

That means the cuticles of your strand of hair are completely sealed, that is, the hair can not absorb treatments, you know when you do that deep treatment, and you feel that your hair continued the same way, so it may be low porosity. The hair has no ability to absorb treatments, and also does not leave the treatments already present inside the cuticle to leave.

To solve this problem is very simple, it is necessary that the hair cuticles are lifted. And how to do that? During the wash, choose a deep cleansing shampoo, the famous anti-residue (if you do low poo) or if you do a co-wash, use a very simple recipe (for those who do both techniques) to mix 500 ml of filtered water with a tablespoon of baking soda and rinse the hair after wash your hair. This will help open the scales of the hair for treatments to penetrate the strand of hair. But it is necessary that the cuticles of the wire be sealed after this process, so that you do not lose the nutrients of the treatment, choose lower PH conditioners to close the scales of the hair.
Medium porosity

In this case the cuticles are neither completely closed nor fully opened, in this way the thread can absorb and maintain deep treatments.

There is no “problem” in this case, hair is considered healthy, being in the middle, continue to use your shampoo or co-wash normally, keeping in mind that the cuticles also need to be closed.

High porosity

The cuticles of the hair are completely open, you know when you do a moisturizing or use some vegetable oil and feel that your hair literally “sucked” everything, to the point that you scared, well in that style where the hair cream that was here? So this is the famous high porosity, usually the one that has this characteristic, has more dry hair to the touch, brittle, frizzy, little definition. In this case the hair can absorb the treatments easily, but loses them in the same proportion, that is, it can not keep the nutrients inside the strand of hair, because the scales are too open.

To lower the cuticles after washing and treatments, it is necessary to use a lower PH conditioner to completely seal the scales, there is a mixer using apple vinegar which is a great conditioner, mix 1 tablespoon to 500 ml filtered water.
How to identify the porosity of my hair?

I already explained about the porosity test in the post about capillary schedule, it’s a very simple test, all you’ll need is a glass with filtered water and a hair. After washing with shampoo (do not pass anything other than shampoo), (do not need to tear the hair out), it usually has many hair strands that will loosen naturally during washing. Wait for the wire to dry for about 10-15 minutes and place it in the glass with water, wait between 20-25 minutes until the wire stabilizes to find which stage of the capillary schedule you need to focus on and what type of porosity.

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Notes: Use shampoo for deeper washing every 15 days, or it can damage your hair by drying the hair

I hope this post has helped you find out what kind of porosity your hair presents, if you liked sharing it with your friends, subscribe here on the blog so you do not miss any future posts, and also follow me on facebook: blog lane curls e No instagram @lanecurlss.




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