Hi guys, how are you?

I decided to do this post to tell you a bit about my experience with the coffee shampoo, the one famous for increasing hair growth, I did for a few months last year and found the result quite satisfactory.

Many people say that the coffee we consume does not have enough caffeine to make hair grow overnight, so they choose to buy caffeine in capsules (they sell at pharmacies) to baptize the shampoos. Well I used the coffee powder (I’ll leave the recipe following ) and I found the result very incredible. The coffee powder helps to exfoliate the scalp and clean the follicle leaving it free so that the hair is born without any impediment.


The amount are for every 100 ml of shampoo 1 tbsp of coffee powder, so if your shampoo has 300 ml you will use 3 tablespoons of coffee powder, 400 ml 4 tbsp and so on.


* I made use of the coffee shampoo interspersed with the use of another kind of shampoo (I washed twice a week with the coffee shampoo and the next week I used the other shampoo type).

* Use a shampoos that are released for the low poo technique.

* I advise you to put a tbsp of coconut oil, or your favorite moisturizing mask in the coffee shampoo bottle, because the coffee helps to dry the hair a lot.

* After the mix done, let it rest for at least 24h yours before use.

* Before you wash your hair, always shake the bottle of the coffee shampoo.

* Makes little mess in the bathroom at the time of use.

** People thave dyve blonde hair,  the coffee shampoo can stain hair.
I hope you liked it, if you try to tell me here in the comments, tell me if you enjoyed.
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See you later ❤


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