Hi people, whats up?

The post today is super fast with some precious tips for those who want to reduce frizzy to the maximum, afro and curly hairs are more likely to develop this “disservice” that bothers us, but after these tips I’m sure you will bid farewell to this characteristic of our locks.

1st Tip: NEVER wash your hair with very hot water, it will dry out the threads and what will generate the dreaded frizz, not only on the top of the head but throughout the length of the yarn. The ideal is to wash my head with cold water, but since I have readers from cold countries, and in the winter it is very difficult, even for us Brazilians, to try to find the middle ground, neither hot water nor cold water.

2nd Tip: Invest in wood combs, yes wood is a great ally for not forming frizz, because it has an insulating material, it absorbs the small electric charge caused by static electricity, present in our hair and reduces the friction between the strnd of hair and the comb.

3rd Tip: Keep your hair always moisturized, one of the reasons for the appearance of frizz is the natural dryness of afro and curly hair, so abuse of oils like avocado oil that is extremely moisturizing, and add the coconut milk in their next moisturizing , I made a recipe that I’ll leave here.
4th Tip: DO NOT use towels to dry your hair, the fibers by which they are formed steal the moisture from your hair, and will generate friction, and with them static electricity, which is primarily responsible for the emergence of unwanted frizz. Cotton shirts are ideal for removing excess water from the hair, as I showed here.
5th Tip: Use a satin pillowcase or sleeping cap, rather the contact between your hair and the cotton pillowcase and remove all moisture from the strand of hair, will also create more friction, which in addition to generating frizz, also dismantled your hair .

6th Tip: Apple cider vinegar, yes, this old acquaintance of those who do low and no poo rotines, is also an excellent weapon in the fight against frizz, it closes the cuticles of the wire resulting in a decrease in the appearance of the frizz.

7th Tip: Use moisturizing shampoos, they will not dry out the wires, and will reduce frizz.

8th Tip: Plopping, this method of drying also helps a lot in the definition of curls, and reduces the appearance of frizzy, since the hair will dry without friction with the hands (because yes, we have mania to touch the hair ALL the time) and without the action of the wind. If you do not know how to do it just click here.
9th Tip: Spray bottle to refresh the curls on the day after, to leave the curls well renewed use that famous mix that I taught here, this will help in reducing frizz, also use leave-in and gels in the most damaged parts.
10ª Tip: Love your frizzy, our hair has this natural peculiarity, that should not be treated with such disgust, have curls is that, it’s to stop searching for the perfect definition, knowing that spiral in the magazine is done with Babyliss, be curly is to have frizz and be happy . Following these tips I’m sure that this feature will no longer be a problem.

Kisses and love your curls, the way nature did them <3.


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