Review Eyelash: Eye Catching 2 Step Mascara, From Gosh

Hi guys, how are you?

Today the talk is an eyelash mask, I ended up buying this Eye Catching 2 Step Mascara from the GOSH brand during a trip (because it was very cheap) and I had an amazing surprise, it left the super valued look and very bulky lashes.


The packaging is very simple (very long each side has 6ml), the brushes of each step are also common.

The mask consists of 2 steps, they are:

Step 1: Using the mask Lengthening Base, this white base that is passed first has the function of lengthening the eyelashes, at this stage you already have the sensation your eyelashes are with an extra volume, this step gives a highlight in the eyelashes.

One layer of the step # 1


Step 2: Using the Mask Generous Mascara, as the name already says is a generous mask, which will darken the base, in addition to increasing the volume and bend the eyelashes a lot.

One layer of the mask  step # 2
Two layers of the mask step # 2
Mask applied to both eyes


I have a lot of trouble finding masks that do not give me allergy, this was one of the few that I could use without giving me this problem. This mask also makes the eyelashes very separate, does not form those accumulations that annoy a lot, and because it is a mask more dry, does not smudge either.

Negative points:

This mask is not waterproof.

Worth it?

Worth every penny, I bought this mask in a supermarket for $ 40.00 Dkk  taking into account that it is a quality mask, worth every penny spent. This mask can be considered a simpler version of that mask of L’oréal False Lash Superstar, which is also a mask of 2 steps.

dsc_0501eNote: These photos were taken yesterday, on my 2nd day after, the curls are super defined after I used the coconut milk hydrocarbon recipe I taught here, I reactivated them with that famous mix that you can get the recipe here .
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See you next time.


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