How To Remove The Oil Of Your Hair Without Using Shampoo?

Hi people!

Let’s talk today what is THE BEST way to remove vegetable oil of the hair, every time I do night-time wetting (for those who do not know how to sleep with oils in their hair), it was always difficult to remove them.

When I used shampoo, I felt that my hair it was always heavy, like if there was still a lot of oil residue, the curls weighed (in the bad sense) and I could not understand why, since shampoo is the “natural” agent for dissolving oil particles, but it just did not work for me.

I always saw some girls talking about the one method using hair cream or conditioner to remove the oil, and I always keep thinking, OMG this really works?

I decided to try one morning, and again what a WONDERFUL surprise, this method remove complete the oil, and let my hair extremely soft after, to explain better this technique, and how it works let’s understand the process:

This method is very simple, you will use oils in your hair as usual, and to remove the oil do NOT use shampoo, you know the cream that you did not like, well it is amazing to remove the oil. So that’s what you’ll do condition your hair using that hair cream (A LOT) you’ll pass above the oil, after using the hair cream, wait for 20-25 minutes and wash your hair with water, all oil will come out, this technique is pure love!

In resume: Oil-Hair Cream – Wait 20-25 minutes- Wash with water.

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See you later!




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