BIG Chop

Hi everybody, everyone knows that going through transitioning is a very important decision and it requires a lot of patience, dedication and love, after all it’s a chapter of our story that is closing, to open a new one, full of new discoveries.

For you who are in transitioning and have a HUGE willingness to speed up the process by making BC – Big Chop, follow some cutting inspirations for you, give yourself an UP on this lazy Sunday, then no seated day all on the couch, take a look at those inspirations and already start dreaming about your hair cut.

Google Image
Google Image
Tais Araujo – Brazilian Actress
Ana Lídia Lopes – Brazilian Youtuber
Mari Morena – Brazilian Youtuber
Maraisa Fidelis – Brazilian Youtuber

Remembering that you only do the BC if you are 100% confident and sure, this is a decision that must be thought, so that there are no future regrets.

Tell me what was your favorite cut.

Kisses and until next time!

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