Homemade Shampoo

Hello girls!

Today I’ll tell you about one experience that i had a few months ago, made my own shampoo, when i read one of this recipes for the first time, I thought that was not possible do something like this, that should be bad, but I’m a curious person, and decide try…

I took some recipe on the internet, (i’ll write the recipe next), I follow all the steps and i just FELL IN LOVE, when I was washing my har with sulfate shampoo (before i started low poo tecnique), I had that impression that i would NEVER untangle the strand of hair and those knots would never be undone.

When I use the homemade shampoo, I was in shock, my hair it was soft, and untangled so easily, that makes me think, in one hand i had the sulfate shampoos that I used my whole life, and it makes my hair get dry, complete tangled, and in the other hand I had one HOMEMADE SHAMPOO, what cost me less than 2 Dollars, make my hair clean, soft, shining, I just have good things to talk about this recipe (my boyfriend tried a few times and said that it was good), this homemade shampoo can be used by people that adept of the technique low poo, or people that do not started yet, so no more little talk and let’s see the ingredients.

You’ll need:

01 bar soap (I’ll let one that has only free substancies, than you can read the composition and try find one that you like the most)

01 Empty bottle (you can use a old shampoo bottle as long as being clean)

250ml of water

2 tablespoons of your moisturizing mask

2 tablespoons of  100% vegetable oil (olive oil, coconut oil)

Dove soap bar
Dove soap bar composition

How to do:

Grate the bar soap, and in a pan join with the water, let it cook stirring constantly, until melted all soap have a thin porridge consistency;

Wait until the mixture is completely cold and add the other ingredients, stir until all are incorporated, then just put in the empty bottle, and use A LOT!

Note: If you want to turn this shampoo into a bomb shampoo (fast growing hair), just add 2 tablespoons of coffee powder or guarana. For best results, use the bomb shampoo  alternating use between some other shampoo released for the technique.

Please let me know what you guys think about this recipe

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