Day After Curly Hair

Hello guys!

Today I’m going to talk about a very nice subject especially for those  who do not know what to do with their hair in the morning, so come with me to discover some tips that are fundamental for a nice day after.

All hair types, straight, afro, curly have good days, (that day the strand of hair is millimetrically in place) called the day after, and bad days (those days you have the impression that a little bird did a nest in your head) called bad day hair, well that’s very annoying, but this is things in life, and in this rush of work, studies, home, family, it’s a lot difficult to devote a long time to the locks, especially in the morning.

Waking up with wrinkled curls it was a reality for me, and washing my hair every day was impossible, unfeasible, incorrect … So how to solve this unknown ?! It’s very simple you’ll need only a spray bottle and some ingredients (which I’ll list next) in the morning, but oh to leave your curls with a really cool day after, the care starts the night before.

Sleeping with pillowcases, or satin cap (I’ll mention them in some other post) gives a pretty cool result, but if you, as I do not own or still do not want to test, exist another good way to keep your curls in the night, coke pineapple is the coolest solution, and I’m sure That you will not spend anything!

So enough of small talk and let’s get down to business.

With an hair elastic  tie all your hair on top of your head, as if to make a coke, to not  mark the hair or not to be uncomfortable at night, wear a hair elastic, but without turning.

Coke Pineapple

For the spray mixer you will need:

* Water can be filtered, or not (half of your spray bottle)

* 1/3 saline solution

* 1 cap  (Use the cap of your Panthenol to measure the amount to be used)

* Your favorite moisturizing cream


Put all the ingredients in the spray, and mix it then just spray and loosen the hair gently, kneading when necessary.


I hope you have enjoyed this tip, tell me if it worked.

See you!

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